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Denver Ladder and Scaffold Accident Lawyer

Denver Ladder and Scaffold Accident Lawyer

An estimated 41% of all injury accidents in Colorado are due to falls. Falls from ladders and scaffolds are among the most common fall injuries one can suffer. In Denver, many construction firms rely on scaffolding and ladders to safely and competently complete construction and repair jobs. However, even slight negligence in this area can result in horrific consequences for those injured in ladder and scaffold accidents. The attorneys of Jordan, Herington & Rowley have a proven track record of getting compensation for those injured in ladder and scaffold accidents.

Improper Scaffold Security

Scaffolds come with certain requirements in setting up and maintaining them. When followed, these instructions provide scaffolding that can be safely used throughout a construction project. However, with scaffolding being temporary by nature, they must be set up and taken down many times over several projects, or even to move the scaffold from one area to another on a project.

There are many reasons why a scaffold may not be set up properly. It may be that the employer is under pressure to complete a project quickly to meet deadlines, and so may encourage employees to take shortcuts in setting up the scaffolds. Additionally, employees may not be well-trained in how to set up a scaffold, or understand the importance of following all guidelines for setting it up.

Dangers of Falling off Ladders

Ladders are a staple of construction sites. The basics of setting up a ladder may seem so obvious that employees may not receive adequate training in how to set up the ladder properly. In other cases, the employee may be aware that the ladder is in a risky position but elect to use it anyway to just get the job done. Ladders are particularly prone to falling over when not properly secured.

Injuries from Falls

Even a short fall can cause injuries that require medical treatment and missed time from work, but falling from ladders or scaffolds can lead to far more serious injuries because of the heights involved.

Falls from ladders and scaffolds can lead to injuries including:

Recovery from these injuries can require weeks or months of medical treatment, lost time at work, and painful rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many who suffer a ladder or scaffold accident will never fully recover. Injuries to the spine can lead to paralysis, which may be permanent. Brain injuries resulting from falls can cause severe cognitive disabilities and an inability to perform basic tasks, such as feeding oneself or performing basic hygiene. Such cases may require lifetime assistance and medical treatment.

If you’ve been injured in a ladder and scaffold accident, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages due to missed time at work. You may also be eligible to seek compensation for pain and suffering. The personal injury attorneys at Jordan, Herington & Rowley will fight to see that residents of Denver are not taken advantage of in the settlement process.