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$425 thousand
Motorcycle Accident

Driver made a left turn in front of a motorcycle without checking for oncoming traffic.

$2.25 million
Bad Faith Insurance

Recovered 2.5M for a car accident victim when the insurance company refused to pay.

$3.5 million

A liquid oxygen tank exploded causing severe burns.

$20 million

Fuel tanker exploded leaving the victim with a permanent brain injury.

$1.6 million
Bad Faith Insurance

Delivered a $1.6M after trial when a drunk driver ran a red light and struck the victim, then lied to prevent insurance from paying out.

$42 million
Motorcycle Accident

A car made a left turn in front of a motorcycle, ejecting the rider and passenger.

$750 thousand
Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle victim was struck by car who didn’t yield at the intersection.

$910 thousand
Premises Liability

A wall under construction collapsed on the victim in the grocery store.

$1 million
Truck Accident

Victim was rear ended by a semi-truck.