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Common Fourth of July Accidents

Summer is upon us, and many families are starting to prepare to celebrate Independence Day. While fireworks, swimming, and BBQs can be fun, there also is a risk for accidents to occur. This 4th of July, avoid injury by learning about the most common injuries sustained in the celebrations.

Auto Accidents

Independence Day often brings increased traffic as people travel to celebrate the holiday with friends or family, set out on vacation, or take advantage of the holiday to take a road trip. More cars on the road will increase the risk of an accident. Many people also celebrate with alcohol, and the number of drunk drivers on the road climbs on July 4th. Be cautious of other drivers, and never drink and drive. Organize someone to be the designated driver for your trip home, or arrange to leave your keys with someone to keep you from driving drunk.

Face and Eye Injuries

Fireworks are a leading cause of injuries on Independence Day. Since they often shoot upwards, face and eye injuries are particularly easy to sustain. These injuries can include chemical and thermal burns, corneal abrasions, retinal detachment, and trauma due to being struck by a firework or parts of a firework. Always view fireworks from at least 50 feet away. Avoid rubbing, rinsing, or applying pressure to eye injuries, and seek medical attention immediately for any injuries.

Hand and Finger Injuries

Handling fireworks can be hazardous. When lighting a firework, place it on the ground and move away quickly. You should always view fireworks from a safe distance, and keep young children away from the area. Never pick up fireworks that have been ignited, even if they appear to not have fully ignited. Don’t throw lit fireworks. Supervise children closely, and be careful with sparklers. These can seem harmless, but sparklers are responsible for most firework-related injuries. Never allow children to light fireworks. Fireworks can cause serious tissue damage to hands and fingers, as well as other injuries. Never mix alcohol and fireworks. It is safest to leave fireworks displays to the professionals!

Swimming Pool Accidents

Drowning, spine and neck injuries, fractures, and abrasions can occur when accidents happen around a swimming pool. Reduce the risks of these accidents by:

  • Supervising the pool closely
  • Enforcing pool safety rules, such as “No running.” or “No diving.”
  • Requiring inexperienced swimmers and young children to wear life jackets
  • Diving only where the water is more than 6 feet deep and clear of obstructions
  • Refraining from drinking and swimming
  • Taking a CPR course
  • Learning the signs of drowning

Pool accidents can happen easily in a crowded pool. Make sure there are enough people watching the pool for the number of swimmers, and that they are not intoxicated or distracted. Prepare for an emergency by learning how to perform CPR, and take a basic first aid course to learn how to stabilize injured people until emergency medical services can arrive.

Food Poisoning

Cookouts and picnics are fun, but can allow food to be kept in unsafe conditions. Controlling the temperature of foods can prevent bacteria growth and reduce the risk of food borne illness. Keep cold food cold with ice and coolers, and check the internal temperature of meat. Never let cooked meat or other foods touch a surface that held raw meat. Don’t allow food to sit out for more than one hour before cooking or refrigerating it. Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables before preparing them to be served. If you are in doubt about the safety of a food item, it’s best to throw it out and avoid the chance of spreading bacteria that can cause illness. If you do have food poisoning, try to keep hydrated, and seek medical attention if you experience more severe symptoms, like bloody vomit or stool.

Your fun and celebrations should remain safe. Help keep your loved ones safe by knowing the risks of common 4th of July activities, and how to avoid them. Many injuries are preventable, and taking a few precautions may be all it takes to provide you with peace of mind.

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