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Top 5 Causes of Workplace Explosions

August 5, 2016

Whenever we go into work, the last thing we expect to happen is something that can potentially cause us harm. However, workplace accidents are actually a common occurrence with some being more severe than others. One of the more serious accidents that can happen in a workplace is an explosion. These types of incidents can result in extensive injuries to anyone within the radius of the blast, including severe burns. Many times, explosions occur on construction sites, an industry that is ever-growing. Now, with so many people working on these construction sites, explosions at the workplace are a threat to countless people.

Here are the top 5 causes of explosions in the workplace:

1. Static Electricity

With all of the combustible elements on a construction site and the static electricity that could build up over time, there is a high risk of an explosion. It doesn’t take much for static electricity to cause a spark and once a combustible element is involved, the explosion can be large enough to cause severe injuries.

2. Hazardous Chemicals

Industrial jobs, construction sites, and many other jobs involve flammable liquids or gasses in storage tanks. These are often essential to the job being performed. However, even the smallest spark can cause a large explosion and fire once it comes into contact with the flammable element. There are various workplace regulations that help dictate how these chemicals should be handled in order to prevent serious situations like an explosion or exposure.

3. Combustion Engines

Workplaces are often filled with machines, vehicles, and other equipment that use combustion engines to operate. If something goes wrong or parts are faulty, it can cause this type of equipment to explode. Similarly, because they may require gas or another combustible element, if they become too hot or are near fire, an explosion can occur.

4. Mechanical Sparks

If you have ever hit metal against specific surfaces, you may notice that it causes a spark. This is the case if you were to take a hammer and hit concrete or a rock. The spark, while seemingly small, is enough to catch a combustible element on fire if it is close enough. This means that the risk for explosion is greater, especially when gasses or other hazardous materials are nearby.

5. Faulty Electrical Wiring

Part of any job site, electrical wiring is a very important element to get right. If it is faulty or not properly installed, it can be a danger to anyone working in the area. Not only can it cause electrocution, but these have the ability to ignite a spark. In certain workplace environments, especially where hazardous chemicals or combustible elements are present, these sparks can result in large explosions.

Trust in Our Experienced Denver Workplace Accident Lawyers

Explosions are serious and often result in more than just burns. They can also cause traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and more. For the victim in these types of incidents, it is important to understand your legal rights and options to determine liability in the accident. Was an employer at fault? Did a co-worker put you in danger? Understanding these situations means seeking the compensation you deserve to cover the related expenses.

With our Denver workplace accident attorneys on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals looking out for your best interests are handling your case. After an explosion, seek medical attention as soon as possible, then learn how we can help you move forward with your potential lawsuit.

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