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There’s nothing quite as life-changing as watching a loved one suffer a traumatic brain injury – also known as a TBI. When this happens, you need to be there for them while they heal, not deal with endless insurance investigations.

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How Can Jordan Law Help After Your Loved One’s Brain Injury?

Your Denver TBI lawyer will help you file a claim and work towards the compensation you need to cover medical bills, ongoing therapy, and loss of income (among other things).

The steps your brain injury attorney will take to help you achieve this goal include:

  • Managing an investigation. Immediately after the accident, a swarm of lawyers, doctors, and insurance agents will try to figure out who is liable for your loved one’s TBI. These investigations can be intimidating. Your traumatic brain injury lawyer will gather available evidence and issue statements on your behalf.
  • Heading up negotiations. Your lawyer will talk with your insurance company and any other parties to work towards the compensation you need to cover your economic and non-economic damages. This may involve working towards a settlement or preparing for court.
  • Representing you in court. Agreeing on a settlement can be easy, but that might not get you the compensation you deserve.
  • That’s why finding a brain damage lawyer who will take your claim to court is critical – as is retaining a team with an excellent reputation for Denver personal injury cases.
  • That’s what we offer. Jordan Law is ready to defend your right to compensation in a trial.

“We’ve been in the trenches every day, dealing with these insurance carriers, litigating cases, for 17+ years. The longer you do it, the more adjusters you work with, the more mediators you deal with, the more defense counsels you work with. And this industry is smaller than you think – so those connections matter.”


Those are the major steps of a TBI claim – but a lot will be unique to your individual case (including tough conversations, weeks of waiting, and stacks of paperwork that need to be filed).

Your Denver TBI attorney will manage everything and keep you updated so you don’t have to work too hard or worry. Instead, you can concentrate on being there for your loved one while they heal.

What Should Denver Brain Injury Victims Expect After the Fact?

Immediately after you (or a loved one) sustain a brain injury, you can expect to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital to figure out what’s happening.

Then, you may need to consider:

  • Medication: Traumatic brain injury patients may require medication to manage symptoms such as headaches, seizures, and depression. These medications can cost hundreds of dollars per month – or more.
  • Surgery: In severe cases of traumatic brain injury, surgery may be necessary to remove blood clots or relieve pressure on the brain. Surgeries and subsequent medical costs can go into the thousands – especially if the TBI victim wasn’t insured (or insured well).
  • Rehabilitation: Traumatic brain injury patients often require extensive rehabilitation to regain cognitive and physical abilities. This can include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation. A single therapy appointment in the Denver area can cost well over $200.00 – and your loved one could need different types of support for years on end.
  • Long-term care: Some traumatic brain injury patients may require special care, particularly if they have permanent disabilities. This can include assisted living facilities or in-home care. In Denver, average assisted living costs hover around $5,000.00per month.

Recovering from a brain injury takes a very long time. You may need to work with neurologists, neuropsychologists, and physical therapists for months or years.

You’ll need to be prepared for emotional and financial challenges that could last the rest of your loved one’s life. All the ways you’ll need to care for your loved one will add up.

Determining liability can also get messy.

It requires deep understanding of Denver personal injury law, experience with state-of-the-art accident reconstruction techniques, and a relentless dedication to ensuring you and your loved one don’t get left penniless and hurting.

It also requires a willingness to go to trial (too many TBI attorneys opt for quick settlements for fast – but often much smaller – payouts than those who take cases to trial).

And we’re willing to go the full distance.

That’s what Jordan Law offers – along with full communication and commitment to your case. Call (303) 465-8733 today to set up a free TBI claim consultation with our team.

Frequently Asked Brain Injury Questions

What are the Permanent Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

A more telling question may be: What aren’t the permanent effects of a traumatic brain injury?

Your loved one’s TBI will affect them for the rest of their life. That means your life will likely be different, too.

Common long-term effects of TBI include:

  • Cognitive impairments, from difficulty concentrating to memory loss or changes in personality
  • Emotional disturbances, including mood swings, anxiety, and depression
  • Motor and sensory impairments, including hearing loss and mobility issues
  • Increased risk of more serious TBI in the future

These and other effects of TBI may result in serious changes to your life plans.

For example, the TBI victim may not be able to pursue their intended career, support relationships, or even remember who they are.

Even if theirs is – relatively speaking – a mild TBI, your loved one could suffer headaches, life-altering mood swings, or other disturbances to their daily quality of life for years.

Your Denver head injury lawyer can help you determine the compensation necessary to help you and your loved one thrive despite these unforeseen challenges.

What is the Average Payout for a Head Injury Case in Colorado?

The average payout for a head injury case in Colorado depends on a lot of things.

In our practice, we’ve seen settlements and court awards in the neighborhood of $20-40 million. We know that payouts of $100,000.00–$200,000.00 are also common.

Factors specific to your case, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and the reputation of the brain injury attorneys you work with will contribute to the amount of money you’re able to take home.

So, if you’re wondering how much a traumatic brain injury settlement is worth, know that the sooner you start working with experienced and skilled Denver brain injury lawyers, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve fair (or even maximum) compensation. As soon as possible after your injury, call (303) 465-8733 to start working toward the payout you deserve.

What Steps Can You Take to Reduce Your Risk of Sustaining a TBI in an Accident?

To reduce your chances of sustaining a TBI in an accident, consider taking the following steps:

  • Wear appropriate protective gear for your activity. Depending on what you’re doing, this could include anything from a helmet to a mouth guard.
  • Wear a seatbelt when driving or riding in a car (or motorcycle, or other vehicle). If children are in the car, ensure they’re in age-appropriate seats.
  • Make fall-preventing habits a routine part of your life. Use handrails on stairs when they’re available, for example, and check your home regularly for trip hazards.
  • Don’t shrug off head injuries. If you have hit your head, even if the event seemed minor, seek medical attention.

Once you or your loved one has sustained an injury, call 911 at once.

File a police record if anyone else was involved. Then, call the head injury lawyers at Jordan Law at (303) 465-8733 to put your brain injury lawsuit in motion today.

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