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Denver Metro Accident Attorney

Denver Metro Accident Attorney

Colorado’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides convenient public transit to the state, with safe, reliable service at 9.077 bus stops across eight counties in the Denver metro area. Because they are forms of public transportation, these vehicles are held to an incredibly high standard of safety by the state.

Unfortunately, bus accidents may still happen, resulting in serious injury to you or your loved ones. If you are a victim of a metro accident, contact our Denver metro accident lawyer from Jordan, Herington & Rowley to discuss your options for the proper compensation you deserve. You can reach us online or by calling (303) 465-8733.

denver metro accident lawyer

Why Choose Us for a Denver Metro Accident Lawyer?

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Seek Medical Help Immediately

If you are in a metro accident in Denver, confirm that the accident is reported to the police – this is a key piece of evidence in determining a strong case for your bus accident claim. Get medical attention immediately, even if you feel fine at the moment; any symptoms of pain and injury may not physically manifest until hours or even days later. If you don’t report the accident and don’t seek medical attention, any issues you have later will be harder to tie to the accident.

Have the doctor order tests to check your back, spine, and head for injuries. You might not have symptoms from your injuries until much later, so you want to document them now.

Collisions can involve other buses, cars, trucks, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Bus drivers can start driving before passengers have taken their seats or when they are still boarding or leaving.

What Factors Lead to Public Transportation Accidents?

Sometimes the public transportation company is not at fault and the accident is the fault of another vehicle. Contributing factors to public transportation accidents include:

  • Vehicles not being maintained or repaired properly
  • Improper inspections
  • Inadequate staff training
  • Situational neglect
  • Operator error or misconduct

Bus Accidents vs. Auto Accidents

Bus accidents are usually far more serious than a car accident. Buses have a high center of gravity, so they are at greater risk for roll-over. Most buses are not equipped with seat belts or airbags. People have belongings with them on the bus that become dangerous flying objects in an accident. Because of these factors, the injuries sustained in a bus accident are, generally, significantly more severe.

What Are Common Metro Accident Injuries?

Common injuries are:

  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations
  • Damaged internal organs

There are special procedures and rules that must be followed when an injury is sustained on public transportation. If the transit is run by a government entity, there will be unique challenges. There may be a very short notification period for filing your claim. Things can be further complicated if there’s a third party involved in the accident or if the government self-insures.

If you are the victim of a Denver bus accident, you already know how life-altering the resulting injuries can be. Whatever the reason for the accident, you and your loved ones are suffering. Injuries affect the injured party as well as their families. It’s important to get the compensation that you deserve and need so you and your family are not financially devastated by someone else’s negligence.

Although these cases are complex and time-consuming, Jordan, Herington & Rowley works only on a contingency fee basis so there is no out-of-pocket expense for you. We choose cases carefully, so if we decide to move forward with your case, it’s because we believe that you will prevail.

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