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If your life has changed in a flash after a truck crash in Denver, you need experienced commercial truck accident lawyers fighting for you – immediately.

While you focus on healing, you want expert accident attorneys in your corner (and sometimes your bedside). The truck accident lawyers at Jordan Law often share their cell phone numbers for easy-access texting…and access to the latest information about your case.

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How do Truck Accident Lawsuits Work?

Your truck crash lawsuit can contain the following steps:

  • An investigation to find out what happened (and who’s responsible)
  • Official filed statements (or complaints, petitions, or letters) from all involved parties
  • Negotiations between victims and insurance companies to reach a settlement offer
  • A trial, if the case cannot settle out of court
  • Appeals, if any involved party is not content with the court’s verdict

Your claim’s timeline will be unique to you, and will depend on the specifics of your case.

What won’t be unique is your experience dealing with Denver insurance companies.

Dealing with insurance companies is rarely good, but, after a truck accident, the experience will be particularly overwhelming.

First of all, the number of insurance companies involved will be higher than in most passenger vehicle accidents. You’ll be fielding calls from many different agents, including those representing the truck driver, trucking company, shipping company, and other damaged vehicles.

Secondly, insurance representatives know that trucking accidents can be enormously expensive. That increases their incentive to settle, and settle fast (which may not be in your best interest).

There will be many people talking, many interests at play, and extremely tense negotiations. People will approach you with tricky questions and scary requests (or false claims of impartiality or trustworthiness).

You cannot trust that anyone is working with your future in mind – except for your truck crash attorney. 

“I was given my options, clearly explained risks, never pressured to go any route I didn’t want and ALWAYS had a group of people who I knew were looking out for me and ready to fight until the end”. – SAMANTHA, personal injury client

You need to ensure you’re working with representation you can trust to go to court, if that’s what your case needs. Call 303-465-8733 today to speak with experienced Denver semi truck accident attorneys.

What Do I Need to Do After a Truck Accident in Colorado?

We’ll keep this simple. After your accident, tackle this to-do list as quickly as you can:

  • Call 911. Don’t stop to think if you’re hurt. Just call.
    Police and emergency medical services will arrive shortly. Ask the officer writing your report for their badge number. Later, you can use that number to look up your accident record.
  • Take pictures. If you can do so safely, document the scene.
    Snap pictures of license plates, your injuries, the vehicle, the area around the accident, and nearby traffic signs.
  • Get medical help. Even if you feel fine, get to a hospital.
    Your adrenaline will be high, which can mask serious injuries. Do not admit that you are unhurt or refuse medical care, in any case.
  • Get contact information. Ask the other involved parties to share their company and insurance information.
    If any witnesses saw the event, ask for their contact details, too. Your commercial vehicle accident lawyer will want this information.

If you’re working after the fact – scrolling through this list while at the hospital, or after you’ve gotten home safely – you can still take action (and it’s important that you do so, ASAP).
Call the Denver police station to file a report, get to the hospital to create a dated medical record, and write down as much as you can remember about the event as possible.

Then, call 303-465-8733 to talk to a commercial truck accident lawyer immediately. This will start your case and free you up to focus on healing.

How Much Will a Truck Accident Lawsuit Cost in Denver, Colorado?

Truck accidents are expensive. Working with experienced Denver 18-wheeler accident attorneys doesn’t have to be. At Jordan Law, we work on a contingency basis. Getting started on your personal injury lawsuit won’t cost you a dime. 

Instead, we’ll take a percentage of the settlement or court award after winning your case. Our percentage starts at 35%. During your free truck accident consultation, we’ll review costs and compensation to ensure you know exactly what to expect. 

While truck accident lawsuits can be costly, our truck wreck lawyers can achieve even bigger payouts. 

The trucking, personal injury, and tractor-trailer accident lawyers at Jordan Law have recovered an $18.6 million verdict on behalf of a child who was run over by a garbage truck. 


How Much Can You Get From a Semi Truck Accident? 

The following forms of economic and non-economic damages may be available for truck accident victims in Colorado:


Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

How many semi-truck accidents happen per year?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has reported that nearly 440,000 semi-truck accidents occurred in 2020. In the same time, NHTSA reported 74 crashes involving large trucks in Colorado.

Truck accidents happen, and you must ensure yours doesn’t upend the rest of your life. That’s where we can help. Call our law firm today to schedule your free truck accident consultation.

What is a truck accident settlement worth in Denver?

Truck accident settlement values can range from a few thousand dollars to millions. If there are wrongful deaths, large corporations, or extensive damages involved, your case’s value may be higher.

When more money is at stake, the parties involved will fight harder to avoid liability. As the victim of a truck accident in Colorado, you need to retain experienced legal support as soon as possible.

How do you choose the best trucking accident attorney?

Here’s what we recommend looking for in the best truck accident attorney:

  • Extensive experience: Ask your prospective semi truck accident attorney how long they’ve been practicing – and how often they take truck accident cases to court.
  • Clear communication: When your truck crash lawyer answers questions and delivers updates, ensure that what they say is helpful and easy to understand.
  • A personal connection! When you meet with accident lawyers, make sure they’re people you want to work with. You need to feel comfortable relying on your legal team, and confident that they’ll take care of you and your future.

The best way to establish that personal connection is through a consultation. Call 303-465-8733 to discuss your next steps with the Jordan Law truck injury lawyers today.

What to Look for In the Best Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Selecting the best trucking accidents lawyer is the #1 thing you can do to increase your chances of success. You need to feel comfortable with your attorney and confident in their ability to achieve the compensation you deserve. 

Finding that can be overwhelming. We recommend focusing on results, reputation, and reviews

For results, check whether your prospective commercial vehicle accident attorney has actually gone to court in Denver and has gotten clients paid. At our firm, we make that information accessible: We’ve won over $500M in verdicts and settlements.

“There are other trial law firms out there, but you’d be surprised how few and far between they really are. The longer you do it, the more adjusters you work with, the more mediators you work with, the more defense counsels you work with. And insurance carriers know who we are. They know that we win cases.” JASON JORDAN

Retaining truck injury lawyers with a rock-solid reputation will go far. You want insurers, juries, judges, and defense representation to know who your attorney is!

Look at your prospective lawyer’s testimonials and customer reviews to see how they’ve served people in your position. That will give you an idea of their reputation and the results they can deliver for you.

Why Hire Jordan Law?

We focus on our clients

At our firm, clients come first. We care about the individuals we represent and work hard so victims and their families can obtain the justice they deserve. Our team believes there is a direct correlation between our passion for what we do and our continued success in fighting for the rights of the injured. Our track record affirms this. We have proven our ability to win.

We take the time necessary

As our client, you can always rely on us to be available for your questions and concerns. We work very hard to give each case the nuanced advocacy required. Rather than overloading our attorneys with cases, we are selective so that we can be sure to give each case we accept the full attention it needs. Our firm is available to clients 24/7 throughout the duration of their case.

We are respected in our field

Our lead attorney is a member of the prestigious, invitation-only Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and has been named among The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40. Our reputation in the profession only affirms what our clients already know: When it comes to fighting for the injured, Jordan Law is a team on which you can count.

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