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Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Jordan Law are your Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Colorado’s rolling hills, high plains, and stunning canyons make it prime territory for motorcyclists. Motorcycling is a popular way to get around downtown Denver and simply to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s also much riskier than to travel by car. In 2016, motorcyclist deaths in Colorado hit a record-breaking high of 125 motorcyclists. More people on Colorado’s highways, distracted drivers, and unsafe roadways contribute to serious and fatal motorcycle accidents.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries from a motorcycle accident, call us right away. Our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers will seek compensation for you. Free consultation, call (303) 465-8733.

How a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident your world can be instantly turned upside down. Far too often motorcycles are in accidents because of the negligence of another driver. People aren’t paying attention, or they just plain don’t see people who are riding. While no one wants to get into a motorcycle accident, once you have, it’s important to make sure that you have a dedicated Denver motorcycle accident lawyer to make sure you are properly represented.

Why Choose Us for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

  • Jordan Law is a small firm with large firm power. With our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys on staff, we have the resources to represent you while still taking the time to be there for our clients when they need them.
  • We work primarily on contingency which means we only get paid if our clients get paid. The other way that attorneys get paid is by billable hours. This means you get charged money regardless of whether you win or lose.
  • When you find an attorney who charges based on contingency, you know that they have a huge incentive to fight for you, and they’re confident in their ability to win your case.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a motorcycle crash in Denver, contact Jordan Law. Our Denver personal injury attorneys know the most common reasons these accidents happen and can determine who is liable for your damages. We have extensive experience in and out of the courtroom and can help you and your family get back on your feet after a collision that puts you in the hospital. We offer free case evaluations in Denver 24/7.

At Jordan Law, we don’t want you or a loved one to become just another accident statistic in Colorado.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Denver & How to Avoid Them

As a motorcyclist, one of the wisest things you can do for your personal safety is to learn the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Denver. Exploring the most frequent factors involved in motorcycle crashes can help you avoid common hazards and prevent collisions. The following are a few of the most common causes of motorcycle wrecks in Denver as well as tips for how to avoid them and stay safe on the road:

  • Vehicles Striking Motorcycles Head-On

    • In about 78% of all fatal two-vehicle motorcycle accidents, another vehicle strikes the motorcycle from the front. Head-on collisions are often deadly for motorcyclists, as they do not have protective metal shells preventing them from the catastrophic impact. Head-on collisions can occur when a vehicle driver runs a red light, drives the wrong way, fails to yield the right-of-way, or (the most common scenario) turns left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist. Cars making left-hand turns at intersections or cars trying to pass motorcyclists put motorcyclists at risk of serious collisions. In most cases, the vehicle turning left will be legally responsible for causing T-bone accidents. It is the driver’s responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic and to check for motorcycles carefully before pulling out. Failure to do so, and resulting in a head-on collision for the motorcyclist, is negligence.
    • Prevention: Wear brightly-colored clothing and keep daytime running lights to make yourself more visible to oncoming drivers. Never assume a motorist sees you. Instead, assume they don’t see you and drive defensively around others. Be especially wary of vehicles making left-hand turns across your lane.
  • Dangerous Roadway Defects

    • Motorcycles are more at risk of wrecks due to roadway defects than larger passenger vehicles. Something like a small pothole might not be a problem for an ordinary motorist but can unseat a motorcyclist. It is up to the city of Denver to properly maintain its streets to prevent dangerous roadway defects such as cracks, dips, holes, ditches, uneven pavement, loose rocks and gravel, or malfunctioning traffic lights. If a roadway defect causes a motorcycle wreck, the injured motorcyclist may have grounds to file a premises liability or negligence claim against the government body responsible for roadway maintenance.
    • Prevention: Pay close attention to the roadway, scanning the road far ahead for debris, potholes, and other potential hazards. Drive slowly and carefully through intersections and construction zones.
  • Motorcyclist Negligence

    • In 2016, 40% of all fatal motorcycle accidents in the U.S. were single-vehicle crashes. While single-vehicle motorcycle accidents can happen because of defective parts or dangerous roadways, many of them occur due to negligent riders. For instance, 26% of deceased motorcycle operators in 2016 had blood alcohol concentration levels at or above the Colorado legal limit of 0.08%. Motorcyclists who drink and drive, speed, drive erratically, or ignore roadway rules put themselves at risk of serious accidents.
    • Prevention: Always operate a motorcycle with the greatest care to limit your risk of accidents. Obey all traffic laws and rules of the road, keeping your movements predictable to surrounding motorists. Wear a helmet, even though Colorado law doesn’t make helmet-wearing mandatory for motorcyclists over the age of 18.

Your Options After a Motorcycle Accident in Denver

Legal support is important after a motorcycle accident. The other driver, insurance companies, and even judges can hold biases against motorcyclists that make it more difficult to get the recovery you deserve. Other parties might try the defense of “assumption of risk” – alleging that you assumed the risk of injuries when you got behind the handlebars of your motorcycles. Others might also try to argue that you contributed to the accident by speeding, weaving, lane-splitting, or not making yourself visible enough. A good lawyer can strengthen your claim and help you with your burden of proof during insurance claims or lawsuits.

An insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s company should lead to payment for your property damage and medical bills. However, an insurance company could try to deny your claim, delay it unnecessarily, or offer you much less than you could receive in a personal injury lawsuit. For these reasons, retain an attorney to take care of insurance claim settlements on your behalf. Our lawyers know how to negotiate with big insurance companies and can take your case to trial if required to secure full compensation for damages.

Jordan Law has decades of experience handing traffic accident claims in Colorado. We know the number one cause of motorcycle accidents is driver error. Distracted, drowsy, and drunk motor vehicle drivers have caused thousands of motorcyclist injuries and deaths over the years. Our team can investigate your accident, gather evidence, and determine if the other driver caused the crash through some form of negligence or recklessness. Even if you contributed to the crash, Colorado’s comparative negligence statute dictates that you could still be eligible for compensation.

Could You Sue the At-Fault Driver?

Personal injury lawsuits often result in greater compensation awards than insurance claim settlements. Even if your case doesn’t end up in court, having experienced trial lawyers in your corner can put the pressure on an insurance company to offer more for your losses.

Talking to a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer is always worth the effort when you have expensive medical bills and other damages on the line. Discuss your right to sue an at-fault driver for your motorcycle crash with one of our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers during a free consultation.