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The Most Dangerous Road in Denver

March 7, 2018

Denver, Colorado – home of the Rockies, world-class skiing, and one of the most dangerous roads in the state. Interstate 25 in Denver poses serious threats to commuters, with overcrowded lanes and frustrated drivers. A local news station studied Denver police records and found that the section of I-25 in Denver between Santa Fe and I-70 was the deadliest for drivers, with the highest number of crashes on any interstate in the entire state. If you often take the I-25 through Denver, be on your guard. You could end up in one of the hundreds of accidents that take place in this stretch of road every year.

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The Facts About I-25

According to the Denver police reports, a total of 973 accidents occurred on the stretch of I-25 between Santa Fe and I-70 in a single year. This was a greater number of accidents than on any other portion of interstate throughout Colorado for the same year. Browsing through crash headlines, “I-25” pops up much more often than other interstates. Serious injury and fatal accidents stop traffic on this stretch of highway almost every week. Not only are these accidents tragic – they increase the risks to other drivers by causing more congestion.

What Makes I-25 in Denver So Dangerous?

It is clear that I-25 is a highly dangerous road for travelers – but why? Researchers have looked into the contributing factors in crashes that occur here over the years and have pinpointed speeding, a high volume of traffic, and driver distraction as three of the most significant factors. The speed limit on I-25 alternates between 75 and 65 miles per hour within this stretch. The speed limit drops to 65 mph through downtown Denver and increases to 75 mph toward Colorado Springs.

Many believe 75 miles per hour is a speed limit that’s dangerously high for this portion of the highway – especially because most drivers use the “plus 10” rule. They believe law enforcement won’t stop them if they’re going within 10 miles per hour above the speed limit. That’s 85 miles per hour on one of the busiest highways in the state. Combine this high speed with an immense amount of traffic congestion, and you have a recipe for fatal car accidents.

No matter what time of day or day of the week, you’ll find congestion on Denver’s stretch of I-25. If you drive during rush hour, you can expect waiting in traffic for an hour or longer on any given day. Traffic slows to a crawl or stops altogether – sometimes for hours if an accident blocks one or more lanes. Speeding vehicles and abruptly stopped traffic don’t mix. Throw driver distraction due to cell phones into the equation, and it’s easy to see why so many serious car accidents occur in this area.

Staying Safe on I-25

If you’re one of thousands of drivers who have to take the I-25 or must traverse the most dangerous stretch, there are things you can do to increase your safety. Never use your cell phone or other electronic device while driving, even in slow or stop-and-go traffic. Obey the posted speed limits, or drive slower and remain in the right-hand lane to increase your safety. Pay strict attention to the road, and prepare to hit your brakes at all times. Take it slow, watch the road, and practice defensive driving to avoid a collision on the most dangerous road in Denver.

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