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Frequently Asked Explosion Questions

Why Do You Need an Explosions Attorney?

Explosions represent complex legal cases that may have multiple negligent parties and claims. For example, an explosion in the workplace may result from employer or third-party negligence. In this case, you will need help filing a worker’s compensation claim, as well as any third-party personal injury claims resulting from negligence.

If the explosion occurred at home or an apartment complex, on the other hand, you must determine the root cause and hold the negligent parties responsible. Did the apartment supervisor negligently rent an apartment to another resident? Did the owner of the property fail to properly maintain the safety of your building? Or did the manufacturer of a defective product lead to your injuries?

The attorneys at Jordan Law conduct a thorough investigation into the explosion and determine who may be liable for your injuries. This may require knowledge of several legal theories, such as negligence, premise liability, and workplace safety standards.

What Are the Types, Causes & Injuries Resulting From Explosions?

While an explosion may result from any number of scenarios, some are more common than others. Some examples include:

  • Consumer products that overheat or over-pressurize
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Fires
  • Malfunctioning or improperly maintained gas tanks
  • Chemical or hazardous material spills
  • Defective products
  • Vehicular accidents involving explosive materials
  • Unguarded or improperly stored explosive materials
  • Improperly maintained equipment or premises
  • Negligent training or supervision of employees
  • Failure to adhere to federal safety guidelines

No matter their cause, explosions often lead to permanently disfiguring or disabling injuries that require extensive care and rehabilitation. Examples include:

What Compensation Can You Get For Your Injuries?

If you suffered injuries in an explosion, you have a couple of avenues of recourse available to you. If the explosion occurred at work, your first form of recourse will be a worker’s compensation claim. These benefits will cover your medical expenses and compensate for a portion of your lost wages. Colorado law requires most employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance, which is a no-fault system that allows you to collect benefits as long as you can show your injuries occurred at work.

If your workplace explosion resulted from third party negligence or the explosion occurred outside of the workplace, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and hold the responsible party liable for the damages you incurred. This includes not only your material losses (medical bills and lost wages) but also any intangible losses associated with the accident.

Examples may include physical pain, emotional distress, or the loss of partnership or consortium (in the case of wrongful death).

Who Can Get You a Fair Compensation For Your Injuries?

Explosions lead to permanently incapacitating and devastating injuries. As a result, families often experience significant medical expenses and loss of income. Denver injury attorneys at Jordan Law can help you obtain fair compensation for the harm you and your loved one suffered, as well as reimbursement for your immaterial losses.

To schedule a free review of your legal options today, contact the Denver explosions lawyer at Jordan Law. We help Colorado victims of explosions recover damages on a contingency-fee-basis, which makes the personal injury claims process simple for your family. Call today at (303) 465-8733

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