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When catastrophes happen, you need comfort, time, and a plan. You need to know that you will make it through today – and that you and your loved ones will be okay tomorrow.

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What are the Long-Term Consequences and Challenges Associated with Catastrophic Injury?

The practical repercussions of catastrophic injuries can be overwhelming, but it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. That will give you a good sense of the resources you and your family will need going forward.

In our practice, we’ve supported victims of catastrophic injuries through:

  • Physical impairments, such as paralysis, chronic pain, and loss of limb function
  • Psychological and emotional trauma, ranging from PTSD to depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders
  • Loss of earning capacity or income, which can completely change a victim’s life
  • Changes in relationships and social life, whether due to psychological injury or mobility limitations (or other challenges)
  • Managing the need for ongoing medical support, from chronic, expensive therapies to in-home care, regular checkups, and lifelong medication
  • Reduced quality of life! All of the above, in addition to other limitations, expenses, and stressors, can seriously diminish the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

If you can pursue compensation through a catastrophic injury claim, you’ll be able to alleviate some of these burdens.

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The Importance of Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care for Catastrophic Injuries

One of the aspects we see many people overlook is the likelihood of extensive rest, recovery, and rehabilitation expenses for these types of injuries.

Post-injury care may be explicitly necessary – say, if you or your loved one is paralyzed. Alternatively, post-injury care may not seem necessary, but could be the ticket to avoiding permanent disfigurement or dysfunction.

After your injury, we recommend consulting with your physician about the need for ongoing care upfront. It’s far better to know if your injury necessitates specialized care, adaptive equipment, or other types of support up front.

And, if you do need this type of assistance, you may be able to pursue more compensation to fund your rehabilitation costs.

Your Path to Filing a Catastrophic Injury Claim in Colorado

After your injury, you and your loved ones will spend significant time in the hospital. All you will want – or be able! – to focus is on your rest and recovery.

However, since the Colorado statute of limitations only allows you two years to file a personal injury claim, you must get moving with your case.

While you heal, your catastrophic personal injury lawyers at Jordan Law will work to:

  • Investigate your case by gathering evidence, examining relevant records, collecting witness statements, and analyzing the circumstances around your incident
  • Establish liability based on what we’ve learned so we know who to pursue damages from as we progress toward your claim
  • Uncover the role of negligence by assessing the actions (or inactions) of involved parties to determine if there was a duty of care, and if that duty was breached
  • Collaborate with medical professionals to ensure you receive adequate care and to fully understand the extent of your damages
  • Consult accident reconstruction experts to learn what happened to cause your injury and strengthen your case during negotiations or litigation
  • Litigate your case, if needed. Although negotiations may be enough to help you obtain the compensation you deserve, you may need to take a firmer approach.

Many catastrophic loss injury attorneys veer clear of the courtroom, because litigating a case takes a lot of time and resources. But, at Jordan Law, we know that litigation is often vital in getting you the money you need – especially when your injuries are more severe.

We’ll examine your case from every angle, pursue negotiations to their fullest extent, and be ready to go to court if that’s truly what’s best in your case.

“Working with us, you’re going to get a firm that pretty much everybody in the state respects. The judges respect us. We’ve had, you know, a pretty good reputation for a long time now. And I think that, you know, that speaks for itself.” – JASON JORDAN

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Catastrophic Accident FAQs

How Do I Know if My Injuries Are Catastrophic?

It can be hard to accurately assess the severity of your own injuries. Here’s one rule of thumb: When your future, life, ability to use your limbs, or ability to earn a living are affected by your injury, it’s catastrophic.

(Note that it’s better to assume the worst until proven otherwise, instead of downplaying potentially life-changing injuries.)

A catastrophic injury will typically result in a significant cognitive or physical impairment that directly impacts your life and future. By consulting with a catastrophic injury lawyer, you can understand more about your case and work toward the compensation you deserve.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Catastrophic Injury Claim?

Resolving your catastrophic injury claim can take months.

The activities we’ve mentioned above – gathering evidence, determining liability, negotiating with insurers, and even going to court, if necessary – can take a long time to do well.

“Preparing for trial is a lot of work. I love being in the courtroom, but getting there takes time. The average case, the average client that you got coming in is looking at between 6 to 12 months.” JASON JORDAN

And, as the Colorado personal injury statute of limitation only gives you two years from your date of injury to work with, you’ll need to get started quickly. Call (303) 465-8733 today, and we’ll set up your free consultation at once.

Can I Afford a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

We understand that if you don’t have the money to fund your recovery and pay your family’s bills, you may not feel you can afford to retain a high-quality catastrophic personal injury attorney.

That’s why Jordan Law works on a contingency fee basis. You won’t owe us a cent until we win your case – and we only get paid if we secure a favorable result on your behalf.

This allows you to retain top talent without worrying about the money, and it gives us increased stakes in making sure you get the outcome you deserve.

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss our fee structure in more detail to ensure we move forward with zero surprises or unexpected costs. Call us today at (303) 465-8733, and our attorneys for catastrophic injury cases will get your consultation set up as soon as possible.

Why Hire Jordan Law?

We focus on our clients

At our firm, clients come first. We care about the individuals we represent and work hard so victims and their families can obtain the justice they deserve. Our team believes there is a direct correlation between our passion for what we do and our continued success in fighting for the rights of the injured. Our track record affirms this. We have proven our ability to win.

We take the time necessary

As our client, you can always rely on us to be available for your questions and concerns. We work very hard to give each case the nuanced advocacy required. Rather than overloading our attorneys with cases, we are selective so that we can be sure to give each case we accept the full attention it needs. Our firm is available to clients 24/7 throughout the duration of their case.

We are respected in our field

Our lead attorney is a member of the prestigious, invitation-only Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and has been named among The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40. Our reputation in the profession only affirms what our clients already know: When it comes to fighting for the injured, Jordan Law is a team on which you can count.

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