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How Can a Civil Rights Lawyer Help?

Talk to an attorney about your options after someone steps on one of your fundamental rights and causes you damages such as lost wages, missed opportunities, lost quality of life, physical injuries, or emotional harm. There are actions you can take to recover financial awards to make up for your losses. If a Denver police officer victimized you through use of excessive force, for example, you might be able to take the offending officer to court. An attorney can help you file a civil tort claim, constitutional claim, or state criminal claim in pursuit of recovery.

When you hire a civil rights attorney, you no longer have to worry about spearheading an investigation or injury claim on your own. Your attorney will take care of everything for you, adhering to important deadlines and rules that you might otherwise miss. A lawyer makes filing a claim easy and cost-effective. An attorney will also stand up for your rights in and out of the courtroom, as well as negotiate for higher settlements or verdicts.

Do You Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

Civil rights violations are serious invasions of constitutional rights. If someone caused you physical, financial, or emotional harm by violating your civil rights in Denver, talk to an attorney. Our lawyers can help you seek damage recovery from an offender for hate crimes, worker exploitation, law enforcement brutality or misconduct, property damage, interference to healthcare, and other civil rights violations. You don’t have to accept your losses and live without justice. Work with an attorney to hold the wrongdoer accountable for his or her actions.

Always feel free to contact our firm for a consultation about how our lawyers may be able to help you. Initial evaluations are always free of charge and come with no obligation to retain our attorneys. We can listen to your recent hardship, let you know if we believe someone has violated your civil rights, and help you explore your legal options in terms of official complaints or personal injury claims. Call our Denver office at (303) INJURED to schedule your complimentary consult today.

Examples of rights violations include:

  • Unreasonable search and seizure
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Excessive use of force / policy brutality
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Losing a job because of one’s race, sex, religion, or other protected characteristic

What Are Civil Rights Violations?

The United States Constitution grants all citizens certain rights in terms of equality, social liberty, and political freedom. These rights are expansive, encompassing many different aspects of daily life. The goal of these rights is to protect people from unfair treatment, discrimination, and harm by establishing a set of rules that all must follow. Some of the basic civil rights that come with being an American include:

  • The right to freedom from discrimination
  • The right to equal rights
  • The right to equal employment opportunities
  • The right to reasonable disability accommodations
  • The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure
  • The right to fair housing
  • The right to vote

As a U.S. citizen, you also have the right to take action against someone who violates your civil rights. This includes civilians, governments, and employers. Civil rights violations can be anything that steps on one of your basic rights. If someone discriminates against you, unfairly limits your opportunities, or otherwise infringes upon your basic rights as a citizen, causing you harm, you have every right to talk to a lawyer about pursuing recovery. A Denver civil rights lawsuit could result in compensation for your damages.

Why Hire Jordan Law?

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At our firm, clients come first. We care about the individuals we represent and work hard so victims and their families can obtain the justice they deserve. Our team believes there is a direct correlation between our passion for what we do and our continued success in fighting for the rights of the injured. Our track record affirms this. We have proven our ability to win.

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As our client, you can always rely on us to be available for your questions and concerns. We work very hard to give each case the nuanced advocacy required. Rather than overloading our attorneys with cases, we are selective so that we can be sure to give each case we accept the full attention it needs. Our firm is available to clients 24/7 throughout the duration of their case.

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Our lead attorney is a member of the prestigious, invitation-only Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and has been named among The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40. Our reputation in the profession only affirms what our clients already know: When it comes to fighting for the injured, Jordan Law is a team on which you can count.