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Car crash in Vail Pass – Eastbound Interstate 70 closed

November 5, 2018
I-70 winds around the famous ski village of Vail, Colorado. The village was established and built as the base village to Vail Ski Resort, with which it was originally conceived and is the third largest ski mountain in North America. Vail attracts wealthy visitors, many of whom, who build and purchase vacation homes and condominiums near the ski slopes. Light trails appear as cars move across I-70 during the long exposure. Taken in Vail, Colorado at sunset in early October.

On Sunday afternoon, two Eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 were closed in multiple spots after a major car crash near Vail Pass. Due to the continued snow, several vehicles slid off the road and officials were unable to estimate how long the interstate would need to remain closed. Thankfully, no drivers suffered any serious injuries as a consequence of the accident.

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced that the interstate is closed at mile markers 176 and 184, between Vail and Copper Mountain. A stranded motorist shelter has been opened for those stuck on the road by the Vail Police Department.

Based on the National Weather Service’s prediction of increased snow accumulation, department officials issued a traction requirement for all vehicles. All cars and traveling between Copper Mountain and Vail that don’t have four-wheel-drive capabilities are required to use chains or snow tires.

With winter weather already upon us, it is incredibly important that all drivers use any and all appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents and avoid losing control of their vehicles. To safely descend steep mountain roads, drivers are advised to shift to lower gears, especially when traversing icy or snowy roads. For vehicles with automatic transmissions, shift to “low” gear or “2” as the car starts gaining speed during the descent.

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