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How to find a Denver motorcycle accident attorney.

December 16, 2014

How to find a Denver motorcycle accident attorney.

When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident your world can be instantly turned upside down. Far too often motorcycles are in accidents because of the negligence of another driver. People aren’t paying attention, or they just plain don’t see people who are riding. While no one wants to get into a motorcycle accident, once you have, it’s important to make sure that you have a good lawyer to make sure you are properly represented. This is a quick guide on things to look for in an attorney after you’ve been in a motorcycle accident.

Firm Size

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, it’s an important factor to consider when finding an attorney. Large firms have a lot of resources, but can be a little cold and impersonal. Sole practitioners will likely be very involved in your case, but don’t have a lot of the resources necessary to call in experts that can help your case. At Jordan and Associates, we’re a boutique or midsize firm. With 3 attorneys on staff, we have the resources to represent you while still taking the time to be there for our clients when they need them.

2. Have they tried a motorcycle accident case before?

When you reach out to an attorney don’t be afraid to ask if they’ve ever tried a motorcycle accident case before. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney shouldn’t have a problem with answering this question. If they are hesitant to answer, or say it doesn’t matter, that may be a red flag.

3. Do they meet with you personally?

The mark of an attorney that cares and will be there for you is that they meet with you personally for your initial consultation. Taking the time to sit down and understand you and your case is very important. Personal injury cases can be very time consuming and hard to navigate, so having a responsive attorney that is willing to take the time to work through things with you can be quite crucial.

4. Do they work on contingency?

At Jordan and Associates we work primarily on contingency which means we only get paid if our clients get paid. The other way that attorneys get paid is by billable hours. This means you get charged money regardless of whether you win or lose. When you find a motorcycle accident attorney who charges based on contingency, you know that they have a huge incentive to fight for you, and they’re confident in their ability to win your case.

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