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What to Do If You Are Hit by a Commercial Truck in Denver

November 25, 2020

Hit by a Commercial Truck in Denver? Commercial trucks are immense vehicles, with the largest models weighing up to 40 tons or 18,000 pounds. Collisions between motor vehicles and these large trucks can be devastating due to the sheer size and weight difference. If you are in an accident with a commercial truck, it is crucial that you take certain steps to stay safe and protect your legal rights. Start by talking to a Denver truck accident lawyer.

Step #1: Seek Medical Attention

Your top priority after any accident should be your health and safety. If you suffer critically injuries, seek medical attention immediately by calling 911. Avoid making any statements about your injury at the accident scene and save all medical records you receive.

You should always seek medical attention after an accident, even if you do not feel like your injuries are serious. You may have internal or underlying injuries you may not be aware of, and failure to go to the hospital can harm your future claim.

Step #2: Report the Accident

When you call 911, law enforcement will come to your location along with emergency medical services. Colorado law requires you to report an accident to the police if the accident results in property damage, injury, or death. Since truck accidents are often severe, you will likely have a duty to report the accident regardless.

Provide a statement to the responding officer and answer each question truthfully to the best of your ability. If you do not know an answer, tell the officer you do not know. Do not admit fault or make statements about your injuries at this stage.

Step #3: Collect Evidence

Evidence is always freshest immediately after an accident. You should take steps to preserve information for your future claim as long as you can do so safely and without additional injury.

  • Exchange information with the truck driver, but do not speak to him or her at length. Only collect the driver’s contact and employment information so you can proceed with your claim.
  • Photograph the damage you sustained. Take pictures of any visible injuries, damage to your vehicle, the truck, and the area around the accident.
  • If there are witnesses in the area, ask them for their contact information. These individuals could provide valuable testimony on your behalf.

Step #4: Contact a Denver Truck Accident Attorney

Once you receive medical attention for your injuries, you should speak to an attorney with experience handling truck accident claims as soon as possible. Do not speak with the trucking company, the driver, insurance representatives, or the trucker’s attorney before speaking to your own lawyer. It is important to remember that these individuals have different interests from your own, and any statements you make before consulting with a lawyer can harm your claim.

When you file a lawsuit against a truck driver, his or her employer will likely handle the litigation and you need an attorney on your side to advocate for your best interests. A truck accident lawyer will have the skills necessary to handle tough negotiations, as well as knowledge and experience he or she can apply to your case.

Your attorney can provide several other benefits, including investigatory resources, access to expert witnesses, and the ability to estimate your claim value. As soon as you receive treatment for your injuries, contact a Denver truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

If you were hit by a Commercial Truck in Denver, contact a Denver truck accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

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