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Michael J. Rosenberg

Michael J. Rosenberg is a Denver personal injury attorney specializing in the areas of insurance recovery, insurance bad faith, catastrophic personal injury, and wrongful death. Mr. Rosenberg is a 1996 graduate of the University of Denver College of Law, where he served as the articles editor of the Denver Law Journal, was selected to the American Bar Association Trial Team, and graduated in the top 5 percent of his class.

After graduation, Mr. Rosenberg served as law clerk to the Honorable Steven C. Briggs of the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Mr. Rosenberg spent the next four years representing insurance companies and their insureds, as well as fidelity and surety companies, in a wide variety of claims, including professional liability, products liability, catastrophic injury, insurance coverage and bad faith.

For the past twenty years, Mr. Rosenberg has dedicated the bulk of his practice to representing insurance policyholders and tort victims.

Through his previous experience counseling insurance companies and defending them in litigation, both locally and abroad, Mr. Rosenberg has developed an understanding and knowledge of the insurance industry in general, and of the inner workings of numerous insurance companies in particular.

This knowledge has proven invaluable in Mr. Rosenberg’s insurance recovery and personal injury practice, allowing him to obtain seven and eight-figure recoveries on behalf of his clients in cases where, prior to litigation, the insurance companies perceived little or no exposure.

Mr. Rosenberg carries Martindale-Hubbell’s highest peer rating, AV. Mr. Rosenberg is a past President of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and has served on the Board of Directors of the organization since 2009.

He has also served on the Board of Governors of the Colorado Bar Association.

Mr. Rosenberg has been recognized as a “Top 100” attorney in Colorado Super Lawyers for many years, and was recently named by Best Lawyers in America as the “2019 Lawyer of the Year” in the area of insurance litigation.

Recent Verdicts, Settlements and Judgments:

  • $200,000 settlement (USDC, October 2019) (failure to defend liability claim)
  • $1,150,000 settlement (April 2019) (failure to defend and settle liability claim)
  • $200,000 verdict (USDC, May 2018) (failure to pay UIM benefits)
  • $2.2 million verdict (USDC, Apr. 2015) (failure to pay UM benefits)
  • $4.8 million verdict (Pueblo, July 2014) (denial of supplemental cancer benefits)
  • $2.5 million settlement (June 2018) (failure to settle liability claim)
  • $1.0 million settlement (June 2017) (failure to settle liability claim)
  • $950,000 settlement (May 2017) (failure to pay UM benefits)
  • $250,000 settlement (May 2017) (failure to pay UIM benefits)
  • $500,000 settlement (failure to superviseleading to sexual assault)
  • $420,000 settlement (March 2017) (products liability failure to warn)
  • $425,000 settlement (Feb. 2014) (failure to defend liability claim)
  • $1.75 million settlement (Apr. 2012) (failure to settle liability claim)
  • $8.0 million settlement (May 2011) (failure to pay UIM benefits)
  • $10.25 million settlement (Apr. 2011) (failure to settle liability claim)
  • $3.7 million settlement (Apr. 2010) (bad faith action against property insurer)
  • $2.25 million settlement (Mar. 2010) (bad faith action against property insurer)
  • $650,000 verdict (Jeffco, Jan. 2010) (failure to settle liability claim)
  • $2.2 million verdict (Denver, Apr. 2009) (failure to defend liability claim)
  • $700,000 verdict (Douglas, May 2008) (denial of property insurance claim)
  • $1.2 million jury verdict (Denver, Apr. 2007) (failure to settle liability claim)

Professional Organizations and Activities:

  • Board of Governors, Colorado Bar Association (2016-2017)
  • President, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2016-2017)
  • American Bar Association (1999-present)
  • Denver Bar Association (1996-present)
  • American Bar Association (1999-present)
  • Board of Directors, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2008-present)
  • President-Elect, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2015-2016)
  • Vice President, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2014-2015)
  • Secretary, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2013-2014)
  • Treasurer, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (2012-2013)
  • American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA) (2003-present)
  • Best Lawyers in America (2009-present)
  • “Lawyer of the Year – Litigation Insurance” – Best Lawyers in America (2019)
  • Colorado Super Lawyers (2009-present)
  • Colorado Super Lawyers, Top 100 Attorneys in Colorado (2013-2018)

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